THC Oil Statistics and Cannabis Oil Trends

THC Oil Statistics 2019

Cannabis naturally produces over 100 alkaloids, which are chemical compounds that occur naturally that have psychoactive effects on the human brain, known as cannabinoids. The most abundant of these cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol, known more commonly as THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for the majority of pleasant feelings that recreational cannabis users turn to cannabis for.

One of the newest ways to consume cannabis is by smoking or vaporizing cannabinoid extracts that come in the form of oils. In most cases, consumers who choose to use cannabinoid extract oils purchase pre-filled cartridges of these oils that are compatible with vaporizer pens.

Although most of these extracts take the form of full-spectrum extracts, meaning they contain all of the cannabinoids that cannabis is famous for, rather than just one or two of them, another common type of cannabis extract is THC oil. Let’s take a look at some statistics related to this type of extract – you might be surprised by them.

1. Vaporizers are finally more popular than traditional cannabis flower

Cannabis has traditionally been consumed via combustion, or smoking, in its natural form as a flower. Although this traditional method of consumption has been the most popular for likely thousands of years, the new medical marijuana dispensary paradigm has recently shifted.

According to recent medical cannabis dispensary statistics, the most popular form of consuming cannabis in California has been that of vaporizing since 2018. Most people who choose to consume cannabis in the form of vapor do so with THC oil or full-spectrum extracts taking the form of oil that are high in THC.

2. Canada is pumping out more oil than ever before

In 2018, Canada pumped out roughly 240 gallons’ worth of cannabis extracts taking the form of high-potency oils. The entirety of the country’s cannabis oil exports was intended for medical use.

Seeing as the recreational use of cannabis and its derivatives was recently legalized in Canada, the total amount of THC, full-spectrum, and other oils manufactured by extracting cannabinoids from cannabis are almost certain to increase in the coming years.

3. The demand for cannabis extract oils is growing for a number of reasons

The less concentrated alcohol is, for example, the more solution must be consumed to achieve the desired effect that users want to receive from drinking alcohol. This ideology transfers over to all things that can be consumed, including cannabis.

Cannabis extract oils are in such high demand because people don’t have to consume as nearly as much material in order to achieve the desired effects they want from consuming cannabis. Further, it’s a lot easier to be discreet with cannabis oils because they don’t contain as much of the compounds that are responsible for the trademark skunky smell that lingers in the trails of cannabis users all around the world.

4. Just a few years ago, buying low-THC extract oils was difficult

Only recently did the idea of consuming CBD, or cannabidiol, to remedy medical issues sweep across the United States. In the past year, countless thousands of stores dedicated solely to providing CBD products to consumers popped up all over the nation. This was a direct result of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized CBD for adult use in all 50 states.

Purchasing cannabis extract oils that were low in THC was nearly impossible just a few years ago. However, the most recent Farm Bill helped people get their hands on CBD oils more readily.

5. Oils are legal in all 50 states – but only with certain levels of THC

While it’s statistically true that THC oils are available all across the nation, this statement is misleading. Oils must have concentrations of THC lower than 0.3 percent in order to be legal everywhere in the U.S.

6. Oils are popular in Oregon, too

Just like California, oils have become widely popular across the state of Oregon, which also has legalized both its recreational and medical cannabis markets. As a matter of fact, THC and other oils are quickly becoming the most popular means of consuming cannabis across Oregon.

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